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Many books from Dutch and foreign publishers are available and can be ordered directly via our website. Also titles that are not shown at our website are frequently available. If you're looking for a particular book, new or second hand, please send us an with the title and hopefully we can help you to obtain it.

Here you'll find many of the new dutch trambooks filtered out.

Article 110078 : NZH Tram en Bus for € 19,95

Now at discount for only € 12,50

This new book by Ad van Kamp, publisher Adriaan Hagenaar, describes the short history of the tramcompany and the extensive history of the buscompany, in the period from the Budapester tramcar to spherical windowed motorbuses.

Article 110109 : Trams vervelen nooit for € 22,50

Tramfan Herman van ′t Hoogerhuijs photographed trams his whole life. A selection of over 400 of his pictures is published in this book. Divided in several development categories of tramhistory, this picturebook offers a good overview on fifty years of tramhistory worldwide.

Article 110110 : De Amsterdamse Tram for € 4,95

Now at discount from € 17,90 for only € 4,95

In this book streetscenes of the past 30 years in Amsterdam, incorporating a large selection of trams are shown.
With a nice editorial including typical Amsterdam whit, all trams from two-axled tramsets to the classic articulated tramcars and the lowfloor Combino-trams are shown with several pictures of now withdrawn tramcars and several advertisement- and theme-trams.

Article 110128 : Haagse Tram 100 jaar elektrisch for € 12,95

Now at discount for only € 9,95.

This new book by Ad van Kamp, publisher Adriaan Hagenaar, describes the history of the elecric tramcompany in The Hague from 1904 through to the 100 years anniversary in 2004.

Article 110134 : Blauwe Tram Katwijk for € 19,95

This nice picturebook tells with many pictures the history of this former tramcompany NZH around Katwijk.

Article 110161 : Metrotrams - - 50 jaar Stadtbahnnetten en materieel for € 29,90

In the second half of the twentieth century was expected in Germany - but also in some other countries - the exploding use of the automobile many of the application of underground urban public transport systems. Being completely independent underground networks for many cities a size too big, and in any case were too costly they developed a hybrid between metro and tram, which could be in stages as needed to city. Gradually, this development turned out too high and got the money for it less easily available. Modern low-floor trams, car-free city centers were found at significantly lower investment to achieve the desired effects as well. This book provides an overview of what has been achieved in Western Europe and elsewhere in the field and here and there still is in progress. It wants to bring some order into the multiplicity of manifestations of what we commonly call the ″Stadtbahn″. It is largely left to the reader how he assesses the significance of it all.

Article 110196 : Amsterdamse Tramlijnen - deel 1 : Damraklijnen for € 39,90

In this new photo book, writer Adriaen Louman gives an overview of the Amsterdam Tramlines with many colored pictures. The entire Amsterdam tram network will be crossed in four parts. This first part deals with the Damrak lines in the period 1975-2018.

Article 110212 : De Streekbus. Een reis door Nederland; van 1987 naar 2007. for € 29,90

Subtitle: A journey through the Netherlands; from 1987 to 2007
After the introduction of the suburban buses, De Gele Rijders, kicked off a remarkable era at the suburban transport in Holland. Not just new buses, but also new firms and colours followed eachother in quick succession over the past years. At this moment the most tenders are known, but new tenderprocedures will follow. In this book the development of 20 years suburban transport in the Netherlands is described with several colour pictures.