Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam



Also some DVD’s are directly deliverable over internet. Other Titles from publishers like EK-Verlag are mostly deliverable on demand. Please send us an with the title and we'll work it out for you.

Article 600001 : DVD 30 jaar Museumtramlijn for € 9,95

This dutch DVD shows the different views on the Museumtramline in the years 90 and this century.

Article 620001 : DVD C1 110+c1 1810 in Amsterdam for € 25,00

This Austrian DVD in german language spoken shows the Vienna C1-tramset in service on the Amsterdam tramnetwork and at the museumline.

Article 607002 : DVD NZH Delen 1 en 2 for € 24,50

In this DVD You will go back 50 years in time, when the interlocal tram of the NZH were still in full service. You will ride in digitize film all of the NZH-lines. In volume 1 the narrow-gauge net will be driven down, whereby you will experience the tramline Amsterdam-Volendam, which was scrapped in 1956, aswell as the famous tramroute Amsterdam-Zandvoort, which was ended to service a year later. In volume 2 the standard gauge network can be seen, with the several lines from Leiden to Katwijk, Noordwijk and the Hague, aswell as the urban routes in Leiden and the local route from Voorburg to Scheveningen. The old blue tram won′t come back, but with this double-DVD you can experience it once more by the films of the well-known NZH-film maker Luud Albers.

Article 607103 : DVD De Blauwe Tram for € 19,95

In this DVD you will feel once more the service to the interlocal tramlines of the NZH. Aswell as the narrow-gauge, which was abondonned in 1956 and 1957 with the routes Amsterdam-Volendam and Amsterdam-Zandvoort, aswell as the normal-gauge network around Leiden with lines to The Hague, Katwijk and Noordwijk. Further the line from Leiden to Haarlem with unique filmshots before World-War-2 and in 1948, the year this line shut down.

Article 699902 : DVD Thomas de Lokomotief deel 2 for € 7,95


Several DVD′s from the series JOKA-Video′s are available through the internet too.