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Our museumstore, the tramshop, has frequently new articles and books in assortment, which partly can be ordered directly over the Internet. If you're looking for a particular new book which is not on our website visible, please send us an with the title, so we hopefully can be of service to you as well.

Article 110198: Amsterdamse Tramlijnen deel 3 for € 39,90

In this new photo book, writer Adriaen Louman gives an overview of the Amsterdam Tramlines with many colored pictures. The entire Amsterdam tram network will be crossed in four parts. This second part deals with the Circle lines in the period 1975-2018.

Article 110200: Tramlijn Amsterdam-Zandvoort in kleur for € 19,95

In this beautiful photo book, the well-known tramline from Amsterdam via Haarlem to Zandvoort aan Zee, which was discontinued in 1957, is illuminated by known and unknown photos, which are largely beautifully colored.

Article 110221: Railatlas van Rotterdam for € 39,90

Not much has been written about the infrastructure of the Rotterdam tram network. Initial exploration revealed that little documentation existed or had been preserved. The loss of many (construction) drawings of Municipal Works as a result of the bombing of May 14, 1940 meant that many other roads had to be followed for this research into history. Reconstructing the Rotterdam tram network over the years therefore became a real quest many puzzle pieces had to be put in the right place.

Article 110229: Amsterdamse Tramlijnen deel 4 : Ringlijnen for € 39,90

This last part of the four-part series Amsterdam Tramlines 1975-2018 discusses, among other things, the various depots that there are in Amsterdam, what is involved in work on the track; the diversions that sometimes accompany this and also the changes in the tram network since the North-South Line was put into use. Furthermore, attention is paid to the city bus and the long-distance bus, each of which is also affected by the North-South Line.

Article 111170: Hummel Hummel-Zügen en zo for € 28,90

Hummel Hummel-Zügen and so on the search for the railway stock removed in World War II Even before the liberation of the Netherlands above the major rivers, it was clear that the occupier had taken away the most diverse goods from the Netherlands in a systematic, structural and large-scale manner. About 90% of them had been removed from our country after the start of Operation Market Garden and the railway strike on September 17, 1944. During that period, the Germans mainly plundered many factories and the railways, but also cleared cities and villages, such as Arnhem. Against this background, in April 1945 the Dutch government established the Commissariat-General for the Netherlands Economic Interests in Germany, which was tasked with tracing and returning deported goods and promoting the economic interests of the Netherlands in Germany. This book tells about the search that took place in that context in the period 1945 to 1951 for the deported properties of the Dutch Railways and about the associated exchange of (mainly) German railway equipment that was stolen or left behind in the Netherlands. Also discussed is the unreturned (″missing″) railway stock left behind in the GDR, Poland and other Eastern European countries, which has become increasingly known after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is supported with many photos and overviews.

Article 111232: Mijn eerste echte treinenboek for € 18,90

This book is primarily intended for young people interested in railways as an introduction to the railroad hobby. A brief description of all trainsets and locomotives that ran in the Netherlands in 2018 and 2019 photos of the main color variations included. This makes it a reference work for experienced hobbyists. Except the trains themselves are also explained direct matters around it such as general railway history, types of trains, timetable, train maintenance, security and much more.

Article 120209: Strassen und Stadtbahnen band 20 for € 45,00

This part deals with the federal state of Sachsen-Anhalt with the tram companies in Dessau, Halberstadt, Halle an der Saale, Magdeburg and Naumburg. The withdrawn tram companies in Bernburg, Mansfeld, Schönebeck, Staßfurt, Stendal, (Lutherstadt) Wittenberg and Zerbst are also discussed.