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Many trammodels are available in our Museumshop. Of many models there is only one in stock. Naturally from the most bigger Modeltramcompanies most models are deliverable on demand. If you order over us, you'll support the Museumtramassociation in its work. So please us your special demands and we'll try to fullfill your wish. Further there are many models (among which the well-known Vienna models) mostly deliverable from stock and you can order it by , see the list below.

Article 200001: Standmodel Museumtram Amsterdam 465 for € 29,95

This model H0 (1:87) of the Amsterdam two axle car 465 is manufactured by Atlas Editions. The model is build as a static model.

Article 200007: Halling-Motor type A for € 56,50

This motor scale H0 (1:87) is specially for the above Vienna model type A. The matching motor can be splitted on the place  of the plastic wheels (Articles 200006 & 200059).

Article 200010: WStW-Model type c2/c3 for € 15,00

This model to scale H0 (1:87) is the Vienna variant of the fouraxial trailer. This type is and was in service behind different motorcars, like the types E and M.

Article 200013: Halling-Motortje Type K/N/M/H for € 52,80

This motor fits in the Vienna motorcar types N/K/M/H.

Article 200023: WStW-Model type N for € 14,00

This model scale H0 (1:87) is the Vienna motorcar of the type N, which was in service on the Vienna Stadtbahn. The matching motor is separate available for € 52,80. (Article 200013).

Article 200025: WStW-model type k3 for € 12,50

This model to scale H0 (1:87) is the Vienna k-trailer, as in service on our museumline. In Vienna this trailer-type was in service behind several types of twoaxled cars. Model 200018 is not available anymore. A new stock is not planned yet.

Article 200099: Trammodel Combino Amsterdam 2033 ″Kroningstram″ for € 169,95

This tram model of the first real advertising tram in Amsterdam, nav. The coronation of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima to King and Queen of the Netherlands is a beautiful model of a tram version of the Amsterdam Combino tram, which traveled through Amsterdam for a month in 2012. The model is in 1:87 scale and not motorized.

Article 230905: KATO Personeelswagen for € 110,50

This motorized model to scale H0 (1:87) ist the german Aufbau-type and can be used as a tramtrain with motorcar and trailer on the modelltracks.

Article 270060: Enkeldekkertram Blackpool resin for € 15,00

Now in discount for only € 9,95.

This model is specially made to put on display on your fireplace or in the glass case. There are only a few left in stock.

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