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Here you'll find several books of the german publisher Robert Schwandl, which is specialised in subways, but also Citytrains and tramlike suburbains are described in there own special way, illustrated with beautiful pictures.

Article 120403: Urban Rail Down Under-1 for € 14,95

Although long-distance rail traffic is almost non-existent in Australia and New Zealand, the major cities in these two countries boast excellent metropolitan railways, which cover the sprawling conurbations. Trams, however, have only survived in a few cities, among them Melbourne, which has one of the largest and densest tram systems in the world. The author introduces the reader to all sorts of urban rail systems in and around Sydney (including the Sydney Monorail), Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Wellington - and also describes in short chapters the heritage trams operating in Bendigo und Christchurch, as well as the numerous tramway museums. The book is illustrated with numerous colour photographs and detailed system maps.

Article 120408: Rhein-Ruhr Stadtbahn Album-2 for € 9,95

In the Ruhrgebiet there is no real subway, but a lot of underground stations, which you can count to the most interresting subwaystations in Germany. Beside these stations also the added tracks above grounds are desvribed, whereby the existence of the phenomenon Stadtbahn out of the older tramlines. Also the plans for the near future are lighted. This volume 1 contains the eastpart with the cities Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Herne and Dortmund, whereby an extra chapter is written on the H-Bahn. Further a special is written on the Stadtbahn in Bielefeld, a town that is situated about 100 kilometers eastly in Ostwestfalen.

Article 120409: Berliner U-Bahn-Linen: U9 for € 9,95

In 2011, celebrating the Berlin U-Bahn line U9′s 50th Birthday. Two weeks after construction of the Berlin Wall the line was opened in August 1961 as G line between Leopold and Spichernstrasse and thus ensured for the north-west of Berlin is an important connection to City West. Even if she is familiar to most passengers today as a relatively modern building route has changed after half a century on this line a lot. Author Alexander Seefeldt illuminates not only the design and construction of this line and its stations, but also describes in detail the various measures in recent years to modernize fleet Berlins most subway lines.

Article 120411: Nürnberg U-Bahn Album for € 9,95

Nuremberg was the fourth city in Germany to have a ″real″ metro system, opened in 1972. The completion of the first fully automatic, driverless metro line in 2008 places the Nuremberg U-Bahn among the most advanced rapid transit systems in the world. The city also boasts many spectacular stations, all of which are shown in this book in full colour.

Article 120413: Metros in Frankreich for € 14,95

Metros and France - a combination of words primarily associated with Paris. And in fact, the Paris Metro is more than 100 years old and comprises a total of 16 lines - for one of Europe‘s largest metropolises this fascinating underground system is an inseparable part of everyday city life. But besides Paris, France has a variety of other, often unconventional, rapid transit systems, which have been developed since the 1970s: among them are the rubber-tyred metros of Marseille and Lyon, the fully automatic, driverless VAL systems in Lille, Toulouse, Rennes and at Orly Airport in Paris, as well as the partly underground light rail system in Rouen, the automatic people-mover in Laon and the RER network in Paris. With more than a million passengers per day, RER Line A is amongst the busiest rapid transit lines in the world. This book, the third volume of the series ″Metros in Europe″, illustrates the history of all these systems.

Article 120415: Wuppertal Schwebebahn Album for € 9,95

For more than 100 years the Schwebebahn has been running through Wuppertal. This is without doubt one of the worlds most peculiar mass transit systems, as it actually floats above the River Wupper, which winds through the city. In this book, which is illustrated with numerous photos of all the stations, you will learn all about the history of this transport system. In a special chapter you will learn about the trolleybus system in the neighbouring town of Solingen.