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Here you will find many german trambooks filtered out.

Article 120026: Omnibusse und Straßenbahnen der Stadt Frankfurt am Main for € 29,95

The metropole of Frankfurt can look back on a long history and interesting development of public transport. In 1872, when the first track of the new horse railway line were laid, there were barely 100,000 inhabitants. And these could then afford relatively few a ride with this new vehicle. 1898 began the city of Frankfurt as a concession to electrify the horsetram-lines so in 1899 could drive the first electric tram through the city. That was the beginning of the urban tram operation, precursor of Stadtwerke Frankfurt and today′s public transport company Frankfurt. As 1925, the first eight buses were put into service, was already an extensive tram network in operation. Bus and tram have since formed a well-functioning team, which was then supplemented later in 1968 by the metro. Our author Peter F. Linhart has collected in his own as well as in archives of friends and acquaintances documents of the municipal transport company and besides, many previously unpublished photos found that he has compiled in this book. From the beginning to the present, all tram and bus types are shown.

Article 120074: Mit der Strassenbahn durchs Wirtschaftswunder for € 19,95

The 50s to 70s were in Germany in the sign of the reconstruction, which the prominent role of the tram was unfortunately increasingly oppressed by the bus. In this booklet you still see several beautiful photos of the tram at that time.

Article 120119: Straßenbahn-Großraumwagen for € 45,00

This book describes in detail the origins of vehicles in West Germany after 1945, which proved to be a difficult road from tradition to modernity. The designs of the individual manufacturers are presented both under technical and operational aspects and their use at the orderers is considered. The modest used car trade remains also not mentioned. Statistics show the CV of all vehicles. The extensive picture material supplements the text and shows vehicle construction, technical details and the operational approach.

Article 120122: Strassenbahn-Magazin Special ″Strassenbahn Fahrzeugkatalog″ for € 19,90

All manufacturers, all types, all companies! For the first time in a special volume are all vehicles used in the city companies in Germany in the line of duty, portrayed from the modern low-floor cars to the 50 year old classics. With brilliant photos, detailed information on use and development and all technical data.

Article 120146: Strassenbahnen in den ehemaligen Ostblockstaaten Zwischen Wende und EU for € 45,00

In this beautiful picturebook over 100 companies in 15 former Easteuropean countries are described with only coloured pictures. Over 450 colour pictures are shown in 212 pages to give a good sight of the development in this large area by the tram since 1989.

Article 120159: Mit der Straßenbahn durch das Berlin Band 4 for € 14,95

This nice picture-book contains the history of the Berlin tramroutes 15 and 25 in pictures and its the fourth issue of a new serie by Publisher Lok-Report.

Article 120160: Mit der Straßenbahn durch das Berlin Band 5 for € 14,95

This nice picture-book contains the history of the Berlin tramroutes 19, 26, 27 and 46 in pictures and its the fifth issue of a new serie by Publisher Lok-Report.

Article 120163: Mit der Straßenbahn durch das Berlin Band 6 for € 14,95

This nice picture-book contains the history of the Berlin tramroutes 44, 47 and 49 in pictures and its the sixth issue of a new serie by Publisher Lok-Report.

Article 120164: Straßenbahnszenen Hamburg - Flensburg - Kiel for € 19,80

In Volume 8 of the series ?Stadtverkehr-Bildarchiv? we embark on a photographic journey through time through a long-gone tram world in northern Germany: In the summer of 1958, the well-known Viennese railway photographer Alfred Luft photographed the tram companies in Hamburg, Flensburg and Kiel during a trip to Denmark visit from. This detour resulted in a large number of historically extremely valuable and high-quality photographs, which impressively document not only the tram traffic of the time, but also city life in that period of reconstruction and the economic miracle. With Dirk Ollroge, who is very familiar with the history of the three cities and their tram companies, EK-Verlag was able to gain an author who explains Alfred Luft?s photographs in a professional and competent manner. So get on board when we turn back the wheel of time by almost 60 years and the trams in Hamburg, Flensburg & Kiel were still part of the usual cityscape.