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131001Reconstructing London’s Underground3.50
131002Great Little Trains of Wales5.95
131003The London Transport Golden Jubilee Book 1933-19833.95
131004Rail 1505.00
131005The Last of Steam2.50
131006Swanage Railway Museumgidenieuw4.95
131007Bridges & Buildings for Model Railroads2.50
131008Steam in India3,95
131010ABC Narrow Gauge Railways4.95
131011Steam Railways of the World4.95
131012Yorkshire by Rail1.00
131013The lost railways of Birmingham1.00
131015European Steam Survey1.00
131016North East by Rail1.00
131017Thames and Downs by Rail1.00
131018Return to Steam (Steam Tours on British Rail from 1969)3.50
131019The backyard foundry1.00
131020Steam Locomotives3.50
131022Modeller’s guide to Modern BR Motive Power1.00
131023British Railways Pocket Book No. 2: Coaching Stock4.50
131025Guide to Tourist Railroads and Museums 19983.50
131026British Transport Commission – Instructions to Staff1.00
131027A Guide to the Transport Museum of Great-Britain5.95
131028Gateshead Perambulations1.00
131029British Railways Spotters Companion Sixth Edition1.00
131031Great Trains of the World4.95
131032The British Steam Locospotters Shedbook1.00
131033British Railways Pocket Book No. 1 – Locomotives1.00
131034The book of Trains2.50
131035160 years of world-wide railway history1.00
131036Trains – An illustrated history of locomotive development4.95
131037Scenry for Model Railroads2.50
131038Preserved Steamlocomotives of Western Europe Volume 13.95
131039Preserved Steamlocomotives of Western Europe Volume 23.95
131040British Rail in the fifties – No. 7 London Midland region1.00
131042Model Railway Engines2.50
131043British Rail in the fifties – No. 8 Southern region1.00
131044East Somerset Railway2.50
131045Locoshed Book1.00
131046Railways of the World4.95
131047London′s Underground4.95
131051British Railways Locomotives & Coaching Stock 19882.00
131052British Railways Locomotives & Coaching Stock 19922.00
131053British Railways Locomotives & Coaching Stock 19932.00
131054British Railways Locomotives & Coaching Stock 19992.00
131055British Railways Locomotives & Coaching Stock 20102.00
131056Steam Trains – An American Portrait4.95
131057Peaks and Plains by Rail1.00
131058The Ross and Monmouth Railway1.00
131059The British Steam Locospotters Shedbook1.00
131060Steaming into the Eighties4.95
131062British Rail Motive Power Combined Volume 19891.00
131063Surviving Steam Railways2.50
131064The British Rail Spotter’s Companinon 19891.00
131065British Railways Locomotives ABC Eastern region1.00
131066Loco Datafile – Spring 19921.00
131067World Metro Systems4.95
131068John Betjemen on Trains1.00
131069On Railways at home and abroad2.50
131070British built Steamlocos overseas5.00
131071The Last Decade of Scottish Steam3.50
131072Miniature & Narrow Gauge Railways3.50
131073National Railway Museum York2.00
131074British Railway Bridges (Ian Allan)3.50
131075Docklands Light Railway Official Handbook (1988)6.95
131076London Underground Rolling Stock (Edition 1982)6.95
131077Palaces on Wheels (Royal Carriages at the National Railway Museum)2.50
131078The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Steam & Rail3.95
131079Encyclopedia of Railways3.95
131080British Railway Tickets2.50
131081Cavalcade Retrospect1.50
131082Steam Locomotives (Ian Allan 1964)1.50
131084The Cavan & Leitrim Railway1.50
131085The Historic Locomotive Pocketbook1.50
131086The Observer’s Book of Railway Locomotives of Britain 1.50
131087The Steam Locomotive (its form and function)1.50
131088Steam Trains2.50
131089The World of Steam Locomotives4.95
131090Steam Trains1.50
131091Specials in action1.50
131100The Twilight of World Steam3.95
131103The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways3.95
131105The Pictorial Story of Railways9.95
131111Steam Locomotives of Great-Britain2.50
131115British Railways4.95
131116Locomotives, a picture book2.50
131118A Travellor′s Guide to the Festiniog Railway6.50
131121National Railways – A Guide to the Privatised Railway 6,95
131122The Illustrated History of the Railways No.2 1890-19202.95
131123Trains Around the World3.95
131124Railways Then and now - A World History6.95
131503Rail Museum and Historic York2.50
131506Great Little Trains of Wales1,50
140511Basel und sein Tram9.95
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