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130001Tramway Memories4.50
130002British Trams in Camera5.00
130003Blackpool’s Century of Trams4.95
130004Modern Tramway Review4.95
130005Tramway Hayday10.00
130006Tramways Remembered12.50
130007Museumgide East Anglia Transport Museumnieuw2.95
130009More Glasgow by tram2.50
130010The Trams of Wales and the in old postcards10.00
130011ATramway Museum Crich Gide (editie 1970)4.95
130011BTramway Museum Crich Gide (editie 1975)4.95
130011CTramway Museum Crich Gide (editie 1977)4.95
130011DTramway Museum Crich Gide (editie 1979)4.95
130011ETramway Museum Crich Gide (editie 1981)4.95
130011FTramway Museum Crich Gide (editie 1989)4.95
130011GTramway Museum Crich (Museumgide editie 1992)4.95
130012Trams of the Past4.95
130013British Electric Tramways4.95
130014Old Trams7.50
130015Fylde Tramway News0.50
130016Tramlink (Croydon)4.95
130018Light Rail Review 65.00
130019British Trams7.50
130020The Tramways of Northern Britain9.95
130021The Tramways Of Southern Britain9.95
130022The New London Transport Museum and its collections1.00
130023European Trams7.50
130025The Tram Book7.50
130026Trams in Colour since 19454.95
130027Light Rail in Europe6.95
130028Manx Transport Kaleidoscope4.95
130029Sneafall Mountain Railway4.95
130031Leeds Transport Volume One 1830-190214.95
130032The London Transport Collection1.50
130033Metrolink Official Handbook (Manchester)2.50
130034East Anglia Transport Museum Museumgide (oud)2.50
130036Light Rail Review 15.00
130037Light Rail Review 25.00
130038Light Rail Review 35.00
130039Light Rail Review 45.00
130040Tramway Adventure 1948-19984,95
130041Light Rail Review 55.00
130042Light Rail Review 75.00
130043Light Rail Review 85.00
130044A nostalgic look at Glasgow Trams4.95
130045Heaton Park and its Transport3,95
130046A Source Book of Trams2.50
130047The Manchester horse tram1,95
130048Channel Island Transport (Alderney, Guernsey & Jersey)7.50
130049The Golden Age of Tramways2.50
130064Destination Crichnieuw4.00
130068London Transport Museum (met lichte waterschade)2.95
130074LRV Superb ″A Tribute to the Manchester Metrolink T68 & T68A Light Rail Vehicles26.00
130507World Gazatteer of Tram, Trolleybus and Rapid Transit Systems: Part 3: Europe4.95
130901Modern Tramways jaargang 19725.00